We recently upgraded to VMWare App Volumes 2.11 and had an issue on login to a Windows 7 VDI system where users were getting the following message:

“Error on login either ‘-r’ or ‘-s’ must be specified”

After submitting a ticket to VMware, the issue was with UEM 9.0 and the App Volumes 2.11 template file.


There is a switched built into the AppStacks script allvolattached_shellstart.bat. The call in the script is to use FlexEngine.exe -ra which is not used in UEM 9.0. You will need to adjust that to read FlexEngine.exe -UEMRefreshShortcuts for UEM 9.0.

For the existing AppStacks you can update the AppStack and make the changes during provisioning mode.

In Windows change to show hidden folders and hidden system folders. Browse to C:\SnapVolumesTemp\MountedDevices\ Open allvolattached_shellstart.bat with notepad and look for FlexEngine.exe -ra Change from -ra to -UEMRefreshShortcuts

Hope this helps you 🙂